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LenderSeekers Articles - Find The Best Payday Lenders In The UK

Are you looking to find the best payday lenders?

Finding a suitable lender involves taking into account many different factors. Firstly, do you want a lender with an online account management service? This can help you keep up to date on your repayments and offer support during the process.

Secondly, do you want a payday lender who accepts a CCJ history? It can be particularly difficult finding a payday lender if you’ve had legal difficulties.

Fortunately, Lenders Seekers can connect you with the best payday lenders for your purposes, including those like Sunshine Credit.

Vibrant and professional, Sunshine Credit has a rate of only 0.4% a day (£100 borrowed means only £112 to repay after 25 days). This lender can offer a maximum loan of £500 between 1-33 days.

At Lenders Seekers, we can help you find the best payday lenders by using a filter tool. This offers 12 different filters to help you find a suitable lender, including whether you want a lender that offers late fees, extensions or free faster payments.

Discover how to find the best payday lenders today.