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LenderSeekers Articles - Discover Our New Payday Lenders

Do you need a lender comparison tool that is efficient and quick? Has life thrown you a curve ball and you need cash relief before payday?

If you’re looking to find new payday lenders with lower interest rates, Lenders Seekers are here to help.

A payday loan is ideal for anybody who needs to short-term financial solution. When applying for this type of loan, it’s vital that you can pay it back quickly once you have the money. You also want to be careful not to choose a lender who charges too much for their services. Luckily, thanks the Financial Conduct Authority, many of the worst offenders in the marketplace have been removed, specifically those who were too robust.

Find a new payday lender that meets your needs.

Lenders Seekers have gathered together a range of highly recommended lenders, which includes The Quick Loan Shop, Piggy Bank, Sunshine Credit, Mr Lender and Uncle Buck.

Many of these new payday lenders have highly competitive rates of interest, such as Sunshine Credit, which charges only 0.4% per day.

One of new payday lenders is The Quick Loan Shop, which offers a service delivered entirely online. Perfect for short-term borrowing needs, this lender strives to solve your cash advance problems with new payday solutions.

You can apply for a loan from any of our recommended lenders through our site.