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LenderSeekers Articles - Compare The Best New Payday Lenders

Want to match your unique needs with those of a payday lender?

For an expert lender comparison tool, get started today with Lenders Seekers, where you’ll find some of the best new payday lenders. We aim to provide your one-stop shop for payday loans for short-term financial problems.

Whether you want to find a new payday lender that doesn’t have late fees, or one that permits extensions, our 12 filters can narrow down the choices. If you have a bad credit rating, we have a list of new payday lenders who can help with this type of application, including Miss Payday, Sunshinecredit, Mr Lender and Oakam.

Extremely well-informed, our team can help you be responsible with your borrowing and, if you are having problems with your credit, we highly recommend credit counselling.

When it comes to payday loans, the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) tends to be higher because the loan is intended for short-term use.

Our services are completely free and you can easily apply online, making Lenders Seekers a highly discreet service.

Compare new payday lenders today.