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£500 302% 1 - 33 Days £0 £ 112.29 1
Company Description:
Sunshinecredit.co.uk is one of the best Payday Lenders for Bad Credit Loans in 2017. The brightest new Payday Loans Lender to the Market with the lowest interest rate around at only 0.4% per day. SunshineCredit.co.uk is a vibrant, professional and great alternative Payday Loans Direct Lender in the UK.
£250 397.32% 1 - 4 Months £0 £ 114.3 1
Company Description:
Credio provide loans between £100 and £1000 at affordable and reasonable prices. Theirs is one of the lowest APR’s currently available and they have a fast and fair process with no hidden fees. They offer additional flexibility with loans repaid over 1 to four months.
£600 1090.14% 6 Months £0 £ 122.92 1
Company Description:
Clever Dosh Limited was established in 2012 and we operate out of our offices in Cheshire. Our aim is to be a trusted credit provider that offers transparent and safe short term loans for UK residents.
£500 1190.10% 7 - 37 Days £0 £ 123.75 1
Company Description:
Ferratum is all about people and being at the forefront of the mobile revolution in banking. We offer customers a fast, easy to use highway to mobile lending and banking services.
£750 1221.5% 1 - 33 Days £0 £ 124 1
Company Description:
Wageme.com is a London based finance company operating exclusively online. The company has interim Permission from the FCA and is a member of the Finance and Leasing Association.
£700 1255.66% 15 days - 12 months £0 £ 124.26 1
Company Description:
Peachy.co.uk (registered as Cash on Go Ltd) operates in the UK and is based in Manchester. We’re a direct lender and offer short-term loans from £50-£700.
£750 1270% 7 Days - 5 Months £0 £ 124.37 1
Company Description:
The PiggyBank system is 100% online, constructed using industry approved, secure and enduring software. Consequently, PiggyBank is one of the most innovative short term lenders out there.
£500 1269.7% 30 Days £0 £ 124.37 1
Company Description:
Miss Payday is one of the highest recommended Bad Credit Loan Lenders in the UK Short Term loans market catering for your emergency financial needs. Compare New Payday Loans and Payday Loans Direct Lenders and see we are the best!
£2000 1269.7% 1-12 months £0 £ 124.37 1
Company Description:
One of the best Payday Lenders in the UK offering Instant Payday Loans from a Direct Lender. As a payday loan direct lender, TheQuickLoanShopLtd.co.uk offers an entirely online one-stop shop for your short-term borrowing needs; resolve your immediate cash advance problems with our solutions as your new payday loan lender in the UK.
£500 1269.7% 1 Month £0 £ 124.37 1
Company Description:
SafetyNet Credit is a smart lender, providing you with a credit limit (up to £500) available to use whenever you need it.
£500 1269.7% 30 days £12 £ 124.37 1
Company Description:
A Payday Loan is a Weeloan! Weeloans specialises in offering affordable, same day loans for those with a Bad Credit History. A new payday loan lender with a difference; we actually care!
£1000 1270% 1 - 3 Months £0 £ 124.37 1
Company Description:
As one of the most trusted names in online lending, QuickQuid is dedicated to a more flexible type of borrowing.
£300 1297% 28 Days £0 £ 124.57 1
Company Description:
Nextcredit is a forward thinking diversified finance company.
£1000 1308.1% 3 Months £0 £ 124.65 1
Company Description:
Uncle Buck Finance LLP is one of the UK’s leading short term instalment payday loan providers with a fully operational UK customer service team. We are a direct instalment payday loan lender so you know where you are with us!