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Affordability Calculator


Budget Planner

Use our simple loan calculator budget planner so you can see where you stand each month before you apply for payday loans online. It may help you make the most of your money and help you avoid committing to spending too much.

Please note it is important to be as accurate as possible.


List all of your income:
  • Check your payslips to get an accurate figure for your take home wages.
  • Look at your statements for Benefits, Child Tax Credit and similar income and do not forget to include contributions from other people.
  • You should average out any irregular income and ignore one-off or uncertain amounts.
  • Check recent bank statements, and bills for gas, electricity, telephone, Council Tax, water rates, insurance and similar expenses. Don't forget to include anything you pay by Standing Order or Direct Debit (such as mortgage or rent payments, loan/hire purchase repayments, etc.).
  • The next step is to estimate what you spend on everyday items (for example, food, clothes, petrol, pet food and newspapers).
  • If you have yearly or quarterly costs then these should be divided by 12 or 4 as appropriate, you can use our simple calculator.
If you have a shortfall

If after using the Loan Calculator your expenditure is higher than your income, then applying for payday loans online is not a suitable for you and will probably only lead you into further difficulty. In this case, please consult a Debt Counselling Service or Charity and learn more about what you can do to mitigate your financial situation. 
Monthly Income
1st Salary: £
2nd Salary: £
Monthly Expenditure
Mortgage: £
Rent: £
Council Tax: £
Utilities (elec/gas/water): £
Tel/Mob: £
Credit Cards: £
Other Loans: £
Car (insure/fuel/tax): £
Other: £
Disposable Income: